Ryan and Megan

June 29, 2009

Ryan and Megan were so relaxed the whole day.  I loved the simplistic approach to their wedding.  They had beautiful simplistic flowers that added an amazing touch to the ceremony and Megan’s dress was so delicate and beautiful!  Then to top it all of they were relaxed and fun loving… what a great day!  Check out some highlights from the day:

001 This is Megan’s little nephew, he was so sweet and quiet the whole time!  He just walked around with his books looking for anyone to read him a story!


Daddy giving away his little girl.


I love this shot of them kneeling and the beauty of the whole church




Having fun (I promise he did not hit Megan, but it sure made for a really funny shot)!


beautiful bride!







So tender with her dad.



Ryan and Megan, it was a privilege to be a part of your amazing day!!  Thank you so much for being such an amazing couple!


Loran and Sarah had such a wonderful emotion filled sweet wedding!  Granted I am pregnant and so I cry alot:)  But I really did have major tears watching Loran stare at Sarah as she came down the Isle!  They are clearly so in love with eachother and God that it made for a love filled day!

Just to start off on a funny note: here is one of my really good friends Leslie who is 2 days apart from me in due date as we show off our bellies!  Leslie referred Sarah to me!

To all you mommas out there you know how off balance you are at this stage of third trimester so thank you to Erin with Erin McFarland Photography for helping me shoot!  You are so talented!!!  And to Christine:)  Thanks girls!  I couldn’t have done it with out you!

Ok without further a due :


In true getting ready fashion, getting deodorized!!

Isn’t she stunning!

Oh I just wanted to squeeze her!

Isn’t his face priceless!!  Oh and his smile never let up the whole time!


I love this moment during the ceremony!  There was a song playing and Lauren leaned in and whispered only something for his bride, her face tells it all…

Yeah married!!!

Ok really could the ring bearer be ANY cuter!  And eating a lemon… I love kids, they are so funny!

So we went out to the golf course to take pics and my rebellion kicks in and I ask them to all pile on and drive wildly:)  They are headed right toward me here and laughing as they are saying “don’t kill the pregnant lady”!!

More Mayhem from the group: I know they are in motion and a little out of focus, but so stinking funny!

The boys almost died but had fun doing it!

My fun retro couple:


Forget pretty lets have fun… oh wait thats all they did during pics!!!  I love groups like this!!

I think these next two are two of my favs ever… I love trees like this! Very rare for AZ!


Ok these last three were!  How awesome does she look!!


I love this spying moment… Loran was so sweet


Sweetness with hubby above and then with Dad below

Here honey let me help you clean up…. 🙂


Loran and Sarah this last pic is how I felt about the whole day!  I wanted to jump up and kick my heels!!  I had such a wonderful day with you!!  Thank you for sharing your hearts and lives with all who loved you and letting me capture it!  I am honored!

Mike and Julia Get Hitched!

November 17, 2008

Mike and Julia are one of the funnest couples, just full of spunk! Julia is all personality with beauty that just about knocks you over, and Mike sweet sweet sweet! Oh such a great couple! They met in elementary school and God brought them back around to each other again later in life and now they are starting the begining of an amazing journey!

Mike wrote this amazing poem for Julia and sent a dozen pink roses(if you remember pink is Julia’s fav if you click on their names above and check out their engagement photos)

I just really loved this spunky sis picture:)

Seriously is she not amazing and beautiful:)!!

Of course HOT pink shoes!! And look at those cute toes!

This is the guys doing blue steel! Great guys!

Of course Sandy Walker found the best for AMAZING tables!!

And my favorite invitation girl Kelsey with Flossy Stylish Design did all the extra touches to make everything come together!

One of my fav fav fav of them, her eyes just pierce you!


I love this shot of Julia’s sweet sister and niece dancing! She was such a ham and adorable!

Ok I just loved this guy and his wife, they danced amazingly and how freaking cool is his outfit!!

Mike and Julia, I loved being a part of your big day!!! It was amazing and just as great as I imagined it would be! Thank you for allowing me to capture all the moments of your great day:)