The Forrest Fam

January 20, 2009

Adam and Cher are some of our great friends from college!  In fact it is where we stole our sons name from… Titus, their second son is the first one:)  Adam is about to go serve our country for the second round of overseas duty and we wanted to squeeze in some yummy pics of him and the fam!  Could they make cuter kids:

In every picture their sweet little girl would say chhhheeeeesssseee…. and make that super cute face… I think she has a camera happy mommma and knew just what to do!

Seriously aren’t they beautiful

Sweet daddy love!

I think this is one of my fav’s walking to the car!

Adam and Cher we love you sooo much!  We will miss you Adam but know you are kickin butt over there:)  As CJ would call you the bad mamba jamma!  Thanks for being such wonderful friends!  We can’t wait for our little one to be here and play with your sweet fam!


The Simmon Fam

January 20, 2009

I have had so much fun capturing the Simmon’s and their boys grow!!  We just did a full family shoot the other day since K said she has pretty much zero pics of the whole fam so that was super fun!  We tried to get a good everyone looking pic for the wall and I think we did pretty good!  Of course you get all the fun ones in between as well…check them out:

I love this one… it is so representative of kids:)  And what most family photos look like at this age!  So cute:)

I love black and whites of little boys… hence the next series:)

This is one of the only ones we got of zack still!  He kept running back and forth on this old rickety wheel barrel they are on with M and K cautious on each side as it would tip a litlle with every run!  So an 18 month old!  He thought he was hilarious!

Oh and he was still while he chewed on the wood with some bird poop on it:)  But it was a super cute pic right?!!!  Sorry K hope no sickies:

And my FAV true boy fashion… and a mom of boys… lets splash in the fountain!!

ANd one last one of everyone wet!

The Milligan Family

December 22, 2008

Doug and Rhonda have been  like sueto parents to CJ and I!  We love them so much and their girls are amazing young woman who love the Lord and are also fanominal athletes!  They hadn’t had a family photo done in a while and wanted one of them at their house that the girls have been raised in before they sell it!  Here is the beautiful family:

And then a cute solo pic of their awesome dog Saba!  (sorry guys if I spelled it wrong, calling him the wrong thing for all the time I have known you isn’t bad enough:))

Milligans’, CJ and I love you all so much and have been so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!