I had a really fun time with Todd and Kara being my last shoot before maternity leave… and the first wedding when I come off maternity leave. So fun! Todd was not looking forward to having pictures taken of him but he did great and I think we got some really fun and funky shots of them!!!  I can’t wait for the wedding guys!!!

I just thought Todd was funny in this photo..he he!

I think this is my favorite… they were not paying attention to me at all and just relaxing and they look so awesome!

Todd and Kara I can’t wait to see you guys in a few months for your beautiful day!  thank you for being so willing to be “models”!!


I had so much fun playing City North’s downtown with Dan and Karen for a little change it up from family photos!!  We had a lot of fun having no one down there and playing all over with no interruptions!  I can’t wait for their big day in September!

I love this next series, they were so funny that when I said lets have fun running across the street Dan goes right to picking Karen up like a hockey player would:)  And this was the attractive pose, I didn’t keep the ones of just the back end showing:)  he he!!

I loved these next two and couldn’t decide so I thought I would stick them both up:)

Big hockey fans!!

Dan and Karen it was so fun to hang out and play together!  I can’t wait for the big day, it will be so amazing and I can’t wait to capture your spunky personalities!!

Lauren and Sarah are some spunky funky people that I had so much hanging out with and photographing!  I met them through some of my really good friends Justin and Audra who are another fun spunky couple!  Lauren  and Sarah are having a 60’s inspired wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with them!!  Check out how incredibly cute they are:

Aren’t Sarah’s eyes so captivating!  No wonder Lauren wanted to kiss all over her everytime I would say ok give a little smooch… it was always big:)

Yeah I always try to find a way to get my couples playing in a fountain!  There was this little kid originally playing in it who kept backing away the more Lauren and Sarah played… it was funny and kinda sad but we only took it for a bit and then he could go back in!

We played on the teater totter and Sarah ate it pretty bad but right before the pic was great!  Her shin was really cut and bruised but it was all for the sake of a good shot:) JK!!  Sorry Sarah

Lauren and Sarah I had so much fun with you too and can’t wait for your big day!!  It will be here before you know it!  Thanks for being so fun and I can’t wait to get to know you even better!