Welcome Kenzie Lucas!!

March 6, 2009

You saw Marc and Tammy’s maternity photos and now their little GIRL is here!!!  Sister Kaylin got her wish in having a baby girl sister around!  Oh and Kenzie is soooo precious and sooo tiny!!! I loved holding her just hours after she was born and then when we did photos the other day she was so good… she never cried and was awake the whole time!  Here is her debut:

Marc and his girls


All the daddy love… so precious!




And she fell asleep in the last few minutes… so yummy.

Marc and Tammy I am so excited for your new bundle of joy and for her to grow up with our little guy!!  You have the sweetest girls!


Baby Greyson

November 21, 2008

So Ilaria and Jason’s baby came early this am at 6:14!!  His name did change from the time of their maternity photos to Greyson Parker…. I love it!  I love the miracle of life.  It is sooo moving!  I have been so incredibly privileged to be a part of capturing the birth of both of their sons!  And wow Ilaria rocks it in birth, seriously 2 pushes and 5 minutes and he was out ready to meet mommy and daddy!!!!  Here are the beautiful pics of his entrance  into this world:

I love his facial expressions in these next couple:)

Ilaria and Jason, again thank you for inviting me into the intimate and wonderful journeys of your lives!  I love your sweet boys faces:)  And check out the SLIDESHOW

Nikolas is Three!

August 7, 2008

I met Karin and Susie through a friend of mine Ivy with Garage by Ivy Custom Floral Shop Nikolas their little 3 year old is just adorable and we had so much fun at the Train Park!  Although he kept wanting to drive the train not just look and sit on it!  Hard to explain to a 3 year old that thinks he could drive his Thomas the Train at home that he can’t drive it in real life!  Here are the fun pics:


I love when you ask a kid to do silly faces this is what they do, ALWAYS! So cute:)

This looks like him posing but it is actually him turning around after he discovered the side of the train was open and he was asking to clime in and drive!!


I love the motion in this one of him running as fast as he can to nothing!  He just wanted to run, I love kids!!



Look at those beautiful eyelashes.  Fun black and whites on the slide!



Couldn’t you just eat his cheeks!


This is for Mommy, it is his security caterpillar that he has carried around everywhere and sucks on!  He was soo excited when she pulled it out of her bag toward the end of the shoot to get some pics of him with it!



Karin and Susie, it was great to meet you and Nikolas!  I hope to keep capturing him as he grows!!