Ryan and Megan

June 29, 2009

Ryan and Megan were so relaxed the whole day.  I loved the simplistic approach to their wedding.  They had beautiful simplistic flowers that added an amazing touch to the ceremony and Megan’s dress was so delicate and beautiful!  Then to top it all of they were relaxed and fun loving… what a great day!  Check out some highlights from the day:

001 This is Megan’s little nephew, he was so sweet and quiet the whole time!  He just walked around with his books looking for anyone to read him a story!


Daddy giving away his little girl.


I love this shot of them kneeling and the beauty of the whole church




Having fun (I promise he did not hit Megan, but it sure made for a really funny shot)!


beautiful bride!







So tender with her dad.



Ryan and Megan, it was a privilege to be a part of your amazing day!!  Thank you so much for being such an amazing couple!


One Response to “Ryan and Megan”

  1. Diane Harvey said

    So awesome to see new pictures on your blog! Still keeping you in our prayers!

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