The Milligan Family

December 22, 2008

Doug and Rhonda have been  like sueto parents to CJ and I!  We love them so much and their girls are amazing young woman who love the Lord and are also fanominal athletes!  They hadn’t had a family photo done in a while and wanted one of them at their house that the girls have been raised in before they sell it!  Here is the beautiful family:

And then a cute solo pic of their awesome dog Saba!  (sorry guys if I spelled it wrong, calling him the wrong thing for all the time I have known you isn’t bad enough:))

Milligans’, CJ and I love you all so much and have been so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!


The Wilson Family!

December 22, 2008

I met Bree my senior of high school when my best friend moved to NAU and had this spunky roommate her freshman year!  Bree was always so much fun to be with when I would visit and now over the years it has been so amazing to continue our distant friendship (she lives in the mountains:))  And now to see her little cute family!!  Her boys were so unbelievable and fun!  I had such a hard time choosing which I loved the best so here are a ton of photos of them:

I love this of Jacob the older one making faces at Eli the younger one to get a reaction!  So cute!

Jacob was not too keen on joining the picture!

Jumpin like a boy with daddy

Oh sweet love with mommy:)

Are these hats not the cutest thing ever!!

UHH I just think he is so yummy in this pic, I could just take him home with me!!

Nana and the boys

Bree and Craig are the coolest, they let the boys play in the fountain in December.  In fact so did Craig, he’s just as much a kid as the boys in such a great way.  He played with Jacob so hard, it was so fun to capture!

These next two are pure elated childhood joy!! I love little boys!

After a tough afternoon of being cute for pics we needed a snack!!  Bree said this is the best representation of him most of his day!!

I love his little serious face here!  Those eyes are gonna break some hearts for sure!!

Bree it is always great to see you and catch up whats up with your family!  I can’t wait till it keeps growing!

The Church Family

December 15, 2008

The Church family was so sweet and fun to hang out with and photograph! I met them through the Farrington’s and am so excited to know one more couple from Highlands!! Their little boy is seriously so adorable and soooo shy! He was quiet but I think you will see we got a few smiles out of the little man!

Oh I love these mommy son pics!! So sweet!

Katie and Aaron, it was so good to meet you and your little man! I can’t wait to have a little boy! He is so sweet:)

Merry Christmas.