The Bogoshian Family

November 25, 2008

Jody is also in my wed. am bible study and has become a dear friend.  We share such a similar family experience and have had wonderful talks about it:)  I have grown to love this woman and am so thankful we met.  Her family is just as sweet!  Her boys were so gracious letting me take pics of them even though most teenage boys hate photos:)

Is he not gonna break some hearts or what, those amazing eyes… hopefully he will never discover their power:) He He!

He has such a handsome face:)  And such a sweet spirit!!!  Jody and Steve you have amazing kids!

Sweetness from dad to mom:)

And laughter because they felt like it was a wedding day pose:) HA!

Above I asked them to give me their cool guy look which lasted about a second until brotherly laughter bust out!  “Who is this chic… what a dork:)”  (they didn’t say that but I am sure they thought it:) He He)

Um advice don’t have anyone walk down a street at 5 pm rush hour!  You are bound to get an angry honker, but get a fun laughter expression from your subject:)  No one was hurt in this stunt!!  jK

Aren’t they so adorable, well I guess I should say handsome, they are a little old for adorable.

And the Christmas Card:

Steve, Zach and Matthew I truly enjoyed meeting your whole family and just know how blessed you are to have a mom like Jody:)


The Herrera Family!!

November 24, 2008

The Herrera’s are on staff with CJ and I at The Element our college/young adult ministry at church and we LOVE them so much!  They are an amazing couple with a heart to see peoples lives changed!  They themselves have such a story of redemption and grace with their family and it is so evident when you are with them!  We had quite the fun photographing their little ones that weren’t too hip on getting their photos taken but we captured some fun ones still!!!  Check out their adorable family:



This is just for the sake of funniness!  Isn’t so like a 2 1/2 yr old to be like “yeah dirt, lets throw it” meanwhile everyone else is coughing and the other two kids are freaking out as it goes in their eyes:)  And Danny is just calm and cool and takes her hand and helps her stand up!  Great daddy:)  He He, these are fun real life shots!



These next two I couldn’t decide between, Alyssia just was so sweet here:)



UUHH isn’t their little guy just precious!!

And their sweet girl picking the flowers where it says “Don’t Pick the Flowers”  oops I think I encouraged that for the pictures sake:)

I think this one is so cute of all of them so I did a Christmas design for it:

Herreras I love you guys and have been so blessed to have you in my life.  You are such loving embracing people, it is an example to me how to love like HIM!!



Harvey Family Pics!

November 23, 2008

The Harvey’s are a sweet family that go to our church and Diane and I are in a biblestudy together.  I have loved getting to know them and their kids are so incredibly adorable!  And little posers, they were a dream to photograph I never once had to tell them how to look at me or stand they just posed:)  It was soo cute!  Here is their cute spunky family!!

Isn’t he handsome!

Oh are you guys in trouble with this one, she is a complete beauty!!!  And so sweet too!!!

I love the end of photo shoots because it is when kids get silly and I get fun goofy shots!!

And the sweet mom and dad and good kisses, this was Bretts idea too:)  Wanted a picture kissing his wife, sweet!

Harvey’s I loved hanging out with your family!  Thank you for being so fun and easy going!!!