Nicole and I met through a great friend Ilaria and I was so excited when Nicole contacted me about her fabulous wedding in Temecula, CA!  She and John were getting married in a vinyard and I could not wait to see the amazing facilities of Villa de Amore.  Not only was the wedding superb, but the bride and groom were the sweetest couple ever!  This may be a long post because there were so many amazing photos on the beautiful grounds!!  So hang in there!

I couldn’t resist all the grapes around and not take detail shots in them:)

The sun was so bright and high, but It was Nicole’s natural radiance that made her face beem as she walked down the isle!

Wasn’t the trelace beautiful

Shoving appetizers in their mouths before running off to take pictures!  So elegant:)  He He

The flower girl ran ahead of the bridal party while we took pics in the vinyards because ants were bitting her:)  She was very upset about it!

First Dance

I couldn’t decide between these next two so you get them both!!  Sooo yummy!

Couldn’t decide on these next two either!  UUHH she is so beautiful!

John and Nicole, your wedding was so fabulous and such a joy to be a part of!  I wish you both the best of luck!  Check out the SLIDESHOW


Nikolas is Three!

August 7, 2008

I met Karin and Susie through a friend of mine Ivy with Garage by Ivy Custom Floral Shop Nikolas their little 3 year old is just adorable and we had so much fun at the Train Park!  Although he kept wanting to drive the train not just look and sit on it!  Hard to explain to a 3 year old that thinks he could drive his Thomas the Train at home that he can’t drive it in real life!  Here are the fun pics:


I love when you ask a kid to do silly faces this is what they do, ALWAYS! So cute:)

This looks like him posing but it is actually him turning around after he discovered the side of the train was open and he was asking to clime in and drive!!


I love the motion in this one of him running as fast as he can to nothing!  He just wanted to run, I love kids!!



Look at those beautiful eyelashes.  Fun black and whites on the slide!



Couldn’t you just eat his cheeks!


This is for Mommy, it is his security caterpillar that he has carried around everywhere and sucks on!  He was soo excited when she pulled it out of her bag toward the end of the shoot to get some pics of him with it!



Karin and Susie, it was great to meet you and Nikolas!  I hope to keep capturing him as he grows!!

Baby Finn

August 6, 2008

Chip and Kay had their sweet little boy almost right on time, actually a day late, sorry Kay!  Any mom that has to go even a minute beyond her due date wins a huge award!!  Here is the sweet baby boy:

Naturally Sweet!!!  So adorable with his big yawns!!

What a boy showing off his muscles for his Daddy!

I love how babies smile when they are sleeping!  I think I smile when I sleep cause I love it just as much as they do!!

Chip and Kay, Finn is just as sweet as can be!  Thank you for allowing me to capture some of the most special moments in your life, pregnancy and your first baby!  I can’t wait to capture him as he grows!!