Zach is ONE!!!

July 15, 2008

Our good friends the Simmons have three adorable boys!  Zach turned one over the forth of July Holiday and I couldn’t wait to do an urban baby shoot!  Kelly wanted a fun urban shoot since her other boys were born in Texas and she has the “bluebell” one year old photos for them!  We went downtown and had so much fun, even though we could have melted even at 8 am in the morning!  Yeah Arizona heat!  So check out how adorable these squeezable cheeks are!



I had to bring the red chair along for this shoot!  Although Zack did not want to sit in it so we let him just play and we ended up with him on the ground more than in the chair!  He so cute it didn’t matter!



Ok seriously could he be any cuter and how great is this door?  Kelly loved it because it matches her bedroom!


Kisses for Mommy!




Ok by this point we had been out in the heat driving around taking Zach in and out of the car and he was seriously this happy even at this time!  He is such a great easy baby!



Kelly, it was so fun to hang out and then chill in the pool to cool off!  I love you and your family and capturing them so much!


Noice Family Photos

July 10, 2008

While I was in Pismo Beach shooting David and Brandy’s wedding I had the pleasure of shooting her brothers family on Saturday at the beach! We went down to a cliff area that was so beautiful. The sky was foggy and so cool when we got there but then by the end the sun came out to play! It was the perfect shoot! Check out how cute the family is:

I love the fog is this shot and the craggy rocks!

Daddy Love!

Is she not beautiful! Those eyes pierce right through you!

Cute mommy and daddy picture:)

Thanks Christine, Brad and Jordan! It was a fun morning and thanks for the ride to the airport:)

David and Brandy are one of the greatest couples ever!!  I have known Brandy since High School and she was my best friends roommate in college!  They were married in Pismo Beach at a really cool old victorian house on the Fourth of July!  I got to drive out with all of the girls in the wedding a few days before and had so much fun having a girl trip!  This post is a little long because I just loved the whole weekend and Brandy has the best expressions!!  Here is the post, but make sure you watch the slideshow at the end too, there were so many sweet moments throughout the entire day!

This first photo is Brandy breaking the final ring of her paper link chain that was the countdown to wedding day!  How cute is that!

There was this Amazing old orange truck out front that we got some really fun pictures in front of!  I love when I find these random things to take pictures in front of at weddings.

These are her cute just married flip flops!

Usually I love the pics of the brides face going down, but David was soooo sweet looking at Brandy walking down.  I was on the verge of tears the whole time!

Such a sweet moment of them praying during the ceremony

There was a celery field across the street that I had them walk in.

I think I just made everyone itchy, but it made for cute pics!!

Sparklers for the cake!

I love these two of them dancing!  The top one is their first dance, but the bottom one is them stealing a moment together during the reception!  So tender:)

And the happy couple leaving!  They were so cute and excited to head out for their honeymoon!

David and Brandy thank you for your love for eachother, for Jesus and your friends!  It was such a pleasure and honor to be a part of your amazing day!