Chip and Kay are such a sweet couple! They are rare like me in that they are native Arizonian’s. I know dumb fact, but still very rare! We had a really great time taking pics of them at Chip’s parents house that is empty because it is up for sale so there was a ton of space to work with! The backyard is fanominal! Check out how perfect Kay’s pregnant body is, she looked stellar!!



I love their expressions in this photo, excitement:)







I think this is one of my favorite maternity shots, she looks like a total model! Her intensity is captivating!


Chip and Kay, I can’t wait to meet your sweet bundle! And to see what you have! Thank you for fun and letting me capture you in so many different faucets!


Check out the SLIDESHOW



June 28, 2008

Baby Lily is the sweet daughter of my best friend Leanna!  She is so amazing!  It is such a blessing to have been friends with someone since we were this little and now to see her have a baby!  So great!  Her and her husband will be moving soon to a far far away land:(  So I am trying to take as many photos of her before they leave!  check out her adorableness!!!!

How sweet is this drool falling from her mouth!

I love her eyelashes!  Ready for batting at boys and stealing their hearts!  However, John will be ready to beat them down so maybe they are just for John:)

Ok seriously, the roles are sooo awesome!

She looks like she has bracelets on her wrists:) Oh I just want to eat her:)

I think babies bendiness is hilarious.  John and Leanna call her a cheerleader because she holds her foot up by her head to the left hand side just Leanna and I did in High school!  It’s cool:)

John’s mom made this dress so we wanted to give her a vintage Ragedy Anne look!

A little more vintagy!

So Leanna and I decided to make a funny memory and we planted the car with it’s hazard’s on to block the street and did the game on game off for pics.  Every time a car would come we would pick up the chair with Lily and move it to the side of the road:)  We got one old lady giving us dirty looks but everyone else who passed laughed!

That serious face, so cute!  She has John’s intensity, it is so great!

Dino and Delia

June 18, 2008

Dino and Delia love God, people, and each other so passionately! I loved every minute of their day mainly because it was not just about them, but about their passion for God and for their friends as well!!
A sacred beautifully deep ceremony at Blessed Sacrament and another beautiful reception at the Royal Palms!

Delia has the most captivating and fun personality. It is contagious and makes everyone smile as you can see she was in pure Delia form from the moment she walked in!

I love this of D right before she was about to go out the door to walk down the isle!

Delia walked down to one of my favorite songs, “Divine Romance” by Phil Wickam. It is in the slideshow so watch that to cry thinking about her walking down to that song:)

Dino and Delia worshiping during the Mass. So moving…

Isn’t Dino’s ring Awesome!

Ok so could Delia look more like a FREAKING Model in that dress! She was exhilarating!!

I need this bench!! I think they put it there for me!!