Marty and Susan were married this weekend and it was such a sweet wedding! There was such a richness to the ceremony and love that exuded from Marty and Susan the entire night! The reception was the beautiful Royal Palms Resort Check out how elegant Susan’s dress was! It was ornate and yet simple and looked stunning on her!

Her dad was sooo precious! He made me cry three during the evening! I love this picture, it has so much emotion and shows the depth of his love and her struggle to not cry all the way down the isle.

They had a really cool Monogrammed runner you can see a bit of it as they walked out as a married couple!

Is this not the coolest car! It was Susan’s parents surprise gift to Marty!

Gotta love their personality! Nothing like I am so glad I married you with a let me pick your nose! HE HE

It was a true Greek Wedding, I love this dance!! I just wish I could do it!

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Audrey is ONE!!!

May 27, 2008

Audrey turned one and we had so much fun capturing her in her new home of Nashville, TN! I went to school Jackson TN and love the whole state! It is so beautiful there and so when Lauren and Tony decided to move back there I couldn’t wait to go to take our last session of Audrey in green acres!! Not only is Audrey absolutely so sweet and funny she is incredibly photogenic for a one year old! Lauren and I had such a wonderful time together for the week and I am so blessed by her friendship! Check out the sweet little TN girl!

This is seriously one of my favorite pictures!!!  She heard a fire truck go by and got so excited!  She also has this rock in her hand the whole rest of the time we took pictures!  Whatever keeps them from crying right!





Feeding the Donkeys!  Green Acres for sure!!!  So much fun!




First Chocolate Ice Cream!!  So great!!  Of course she loved it!




What are the chances of pink balloons randomly tied on the bench!!



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The Johnson Girls

May 23, 2008

My husband and I have some wonderful friends and are so incredibly blessed by this family Sean and Cate Johnson and their three sweet girls! Here we have pics of Ada and Evie but they are anxiously awaiting their sweet Nica to come home to them soon! For now these are just the begining of some wonderful Family photos:

The girls laughs and voices are so incredibly sweet I can’t even begin to tell you! They laugh with their whole soul, which is such a testiment to Sean and Cate as parents! They are truly delightful and joyful children:)

I cry everytime I watch this SLIDESHOW!