Jamie is the proud owner of Rendezvous Event Management and a fabulous coordinator! Her and Mark are such a fun couple and we had a blast hanging out downtown. My favorite were the times I told them to dip or spin around and Mark would say oh that is Jamie’s favorite… with total sarcasim, ha ha! I still made them do it because it made Jamie laugh and thats what I was going for! They are getting married in Fort Worth, Texas and I am super excited for a change in scenery:) Check out the cute couple:

This is my favorite one, I just think they look so sweet in it! And I am loving my new textures by Nichole V Photography

Beautiful couple, huh, just wait I am sure the wedding is going to be fabulous down to every detail!!

And the slideshow:



Keith and Sara were so incredibly relaxed on their day that I felt like I wasn’t even at a wedding. It was so refreshing and fun! Keith wanted to have a beer in every picture but compromised for the sake of Sara wanting to actually hang them on the wall. HA HA! Look at what a great day their wedding turned out to be:

I love this antique pin Sara had added to her dress!

I love this one of the guys hanging out dreading their turn for pics!

I love Sara’s ring with a Saphire in it! So unique and chic!

Sara and Keith I had such a relaxed and wonderful time at your wedding! You made the day a breeze! I hope you enjoy the slideshow below!



April 14, 2008

This is Lincoln Cooper, what a great name huh!!!  This is one of my husband and I’s really good friends from college Gabe and Lori

Lincoln is so sweet and I loved all of the photos we got of him but I could not fit them all in!!

How cute is this face!!

This is a car Gabe bought and says it will be Lincoln’s first car at 16 after they rebuild it together!!  How fun huh!  I love it!

And the next number one golfer: Lincoln Cooper!  He has his own putter already!!

Gabe and Lori and Lincoln the Bergmen’s love you sooo much!