The Yule Clan!

March 15, 2008

Kevin and Brooke Yule are my husband and I’s best friends!  They live three streets away and Kevin is the Youth pastor at our church where my husband is the worship leader.  Brooke and I talk like three times a day and I love her and her kids like my own family (well actually more than them! HA!) They are so wonderful and they made four amazing children who could steal your heart in a second!  I take pics of them all the time but never post them, I don’t know why!  So I wanted to share their lovableness with the world:



The sisters:  This is such a classic middle child picture.  Delaney is such a fun spirited child, but drives her older and younger sister crazy!  This represents her and their relationship so well!  I just want to kiss her!  She is a child after my own heart with her crazy spunkiness:


This is just cute of them:


These are going up in Brooke’s house in 11.14 canvases and I can’t wait to see them!  Every one of her kids is absolutely gorgeous!






Baby Lily Sevim

March 2, 2008

Lily Sevim entered the world through my bestest friend in the whole world! Leanna! She is the sweetest baby girl ever. Leanna and John made an incredible beautiful girl together and I can’t wait to see her grow! Her chubby cheeks are irresistible and her budah belly is amazing! Leanna is such a great mom too! Everytime I see her I think wow she is so good at this and it is her first baby! So without further delay, here is her debut:








Ok seriously, look at how cute this scrunchy chubby face is!!!



Oh baby girl, My God give your mommy and daddy the grace to lead you in His ways! I love you John and Leanna and I love Lily even more than I could have imagined!

Check out the slideshow for even more great ones: