First of all I have a rare name and it is so fun when I actually meet someone with it! Renee Keane and I would laugh everytime we would call back and forth saying Renee’, this is Renee’! Ok maybe not funny to any of you that have a normal name but for us unusuals it is fun! To start our day off we got stuck in an elevator which was quite funny! Although the whole time I was thinking oh shoot we are losing light by the minute as we were doing sundown pictures! But we got out all safe and sound and here is the cute family of Scott, Renee, Gi Gi and baby in mommy’s tummy!

This is Scott trying to pull the elevator doors open, I just thought it was funny!



Gi Gi did not want to sit for the family pics, instead she was mesmerized by the ducks and the water, which she got very close to jumping in several times! Got to love toddler pics by water and any kind of animal!




I can’t wait to do Renee’s maternity pics! Isn’t she just gorgeous! I can’t wait to capture all of these life moments with their family!



Oh couldn’t you just pinch those cheeks!




Rion and Julie’s Wedding

December 22, 2007

I met Rion and Julie through my friends Ilaria and Jason. Julie did every detail even her flowers! She is so incredibly talented. She also has 11 brother and sisters so it was really fun having such a large family to create a crazy party! This is Julie’s 9 year old daughter isn’t she soo cute.


one of her sisters being crazy with the kids!




Isn’t she just beautiful! And how fun the red spice on the dress and little accents on the veil! I love a different and unique flare like this on a bride. Great choice Julie !


I love the intensity in this photo! They look so chic!



These are Julie’s hilarious nephews who wore these dc hats the whole night and danced up a storm! They were soo stinking funny and frankly really cute!



Thanks Rion and Julie for letting me celebrate your amazing day with you guys! I am so glad to have met you!! Your wedding was so Unique and Beautiful!

The slideshow




Christmas lights Galore!

December 6, 2007

I told you about how we had to stop the shoot for Audrey early because she was a bit over done with photos, so today we did some  more photos of the sweet little one and I had to share these Christmas lights photos!  So cute!!



These are actually at my house in front of my Christmas tree and my husband came down stairs while we were shooting.  Usually babies are a little bit scared because he has so much hair and lets face it he looks a little scary if you are little, but Audrey LOVED him.  She is crawling towards him in these photos and crawled right up on him!  The picture below!  So cute! Good girl you know how to pick a good man out!



I just thought these were too cute not to share!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!