So not only was the wedding fun as you see below, but Cel and Kim got up with me at 6 am the morning after the wedding to play in the ocean and take the MOST FUN pictures ever! We had so much fun! The sun was just rising and it was gorgeous! Kim literally rolled and played in the ocean like a mad woman, it was so so exhilarating! What a photographers dream HUH! I wish I could literally post every single one!! So watch the slideshow too because there are so many!



This is one of my favs! She was laughing because Cel kept yelling how heavy she was with that freaking 20 lb dress! He was not happy when I said keep walking:) HA!





She just took a dive into the water, and then almost got drug out because her dress was so heavy from the sand and water!


Nothing like a hot sexy kiss on the neck in the middle of the beach as a new married couple!


This is in the infinity pool:



And the classic model coming out of the water!


HOW AMAZING and FUN was this! Make sure you watch the slideshow, there are just so many fun pictures. I had so much fun with you guys! Thank you Cel and Kim for being so crazy and willing to do whatever I said, you made the weekend just amazing!







I met Cel and Kim through my good friend Maggie Bixler who does some coordinating on the side. Kim was just so fun and crazy when I met her for the first time, I couldn’t wait to go and shoot her wedding in Cabo!! We arrived in Cabo on Friday to an absolutely amazing resort right on the beach with a cool infinity edge pool and drinks flowing from the bar like water, HA! That night the hotel put on this fun fiesta out side with amazing mexican dancers! It was so authentic and crazy, with the yelling “aiye ya ya!!!” ( who the heck knows if that is how you spell that statement:)!)


Then Saturday Morning the big day was here! Kim had done so much planning and prep to make sure the day went perfectly, and I can really say that it did, which is very rare for a wedding day:)




After the ceremony there were just too many places to go and take fabulous beach pictures. I think the beach is one of my favorite of God’s creations, there is absolutely nothing like the beach air and sound of the ocean crashing while you work!!




For their first dance they chose a crazy fun fast song and went wild, it was hilarious!!


And then the crazy did not stop. The groomsmen came running in to the reception with these wrestling masks on and danced with all the girls! Cel and Kim put them on and Cel took it super serious; he literally wrestled with Kim. I was laughing so much I wasn’t even sure if I could get the shot, but thankfully I did:)



And the slideshow which has so many more fun photos, check it out!!!

Cashton Borden- 2 months

November 17, 2007

You have all seen Cashton’s parents, Jason and Illaria, but you have yet to see their greatest creation: Cashton Borden! I was actually amazingly privilaged to be in the delivery room when Cashton was born, which was so unbelievable! Jason and Illaria did not know what they were having until he came out and Jason’s face was priceless! He was giddily laughing! It was AWESOME! (ps we did not show those pics, since you know it is in the delivery room:)) But now Cashton is 2 months old and sooo cute! You just want to squeeze his cheeks!






Ok how cute is this with their doggy Walter! Walter just laid there and let Cashton chill out on him! Well he did lick him a few times, but whatever!