Brett and Bri

October 22, 2007

OH This couple was one of my favorite couples ever! BRI you are so amazingly beautiful, inside and out! I know Bri’s brother Nick from all my husbands church connections and met Bri through him when she was planning her wedding! Nick performed the ceremony and it was such a blessing to see him be a part of God joining his sister in marriage to such a great guy like Brett! I also chose this wedding to be featured in Arizona Wedding’s this next year before I even shot it and after, HOLY COW I am so excited to have it featured I can’t stand it! Ok I chose more than normal but you have to see the photos in the slideshow too, there were just too many beautiful shots of them!


What Bride is this stinking cute in front of a dumpster? I love these two! So Beautiful Urban!


The guys were hilarious! So slick guys!


And the Bridal Party, well the guys in the Bridal Party, So Crazy! I love my job!



Ok this next one of Bri, is probably one of my FAV photos ever! THIS is going to be the feature of advertising for this next year, she is just so stunning! how could the pic not be FABULOUS!


The sassy Beautiful couple!!!!




A photographers Dream, I had so much fun guys thank you for letting me join in the beginning of the most amazing gift we have been given by God: Marriage!



2 Responses to “Brett and Bri”

  1. Erin said

    Hey there you talented wedding photog!
    Love the shots from the recent weddings… you seem to always get those fun shots that tell the story of the day. Keep the eye candy coming 🙂

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