life to the full.

July 27, 2007

Wedding. Maternity. Baby. Beautiful moments in life should be captured with beautiful, artistic photography. My work as a photographer is about just that- finding the art in the everyday moments, the beauty that radiates from each person and the magnificence that is found in special times in our lives.

I take personal interest in each person or family that I am working with in order for you to get the photos you want. My work is photo-journalistic in nature- documenting the event and people- but overwhelmingly artistic- using angles, colors, and contrast to create truly stunning portraiture.

I have been photographing people and events for 3 years now. My work has taken me across the world and around the corner and it has only confirmed my belief in the God-given uniqueness in each person and each situation. Arriving. Becoming.

Those are the moments that are meant to be shared with the world. Let me capture those moments for you and turn them into works of art.